Skooter winch in Azerbaijan

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 Скутерная лебедка
Congratulations to all participants of the scooter winch project held in Azerbaijan on the successfull start!

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Paragliders take Azerbaijani skies

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Paragliders take Azerbaijani skiesExtreme sports have begun to gain popularity among youngsters in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s open skies and high mountains provide opportunities for those who want to soar in the clouds to enjoy the free flight sensation of paragliding.

The recreational and competitive adventure sport of paragliding is a great activity in that it is relatively easy to master turning and controlling speed, you have a non-motorized inflatable wing that you launch manually, and the equipment is easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land.

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About paragliding in Azerbaijan

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 About paragliding in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan is the country that fits ideally Mountaineering and Paragliding needs. We are leaving at area of Small and Big Caucasus next to the Caspian Sea. South climate and this location creates an ideal condition for XC flying, as well as high altitude flights.

However paragliding in Azerbaijan is very young sport. First steps towards the flights were done by FAIREX (Federation of Air and extreme sports) members in 2012. Three years ago federation called for an experienced trainer from Russia in order to teach volunteers and build up air sport society. It’s obviously, the first enthusiasts were climbers, whose dream was to fly from one of the highest picks of Caucasus. However, this movement could get full development till one of the FAIREX club – ROCKSTONE invited Holland trainer for more advanced and programmed training.

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The project LIMO launched back in 2013 and announced at Mountaineering Protection Conference in Baku

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Every time we or any of our members participate in mountain climbing, tracking or camping in natural preserved areas we state the aim to return back with more garbage than produced by our activity. That means we are not only leave the route and place of camping free of any garbage but take some previously left by someone or found on the route garbage with us.

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Azerbaijani paraglider takes skies for first time in Saudi Arabia

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Азербайджанец впервые совершил полет над Саудовской АравиейThe desire to fly and feel oneself free entices people to do many feats. Many want to enjoy the heady feeling of a free fall, even for a second, to feel as if they were a hovering bird.
Air sports, like paragliding, are a great way to feel this adrenaline rush.

Paraglider Jamal Kashkay is one of those rare fellows in Azerbaijan who chose this exciting sport as a means represent his country throughout the world.

This year, Azerbaijani paragliders for the first time received national pilot licenses and were admitted to international competitions under the Azerbaijani flag.

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Paragliding Pilots from Albania have visited Azerbaijan

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Paragliding Pilots from Albania have visited AzerbaijanAs Azerbaijani people all are proud that the 1st European Games took place in Azerbaijan in June 2015. This event was a big step in sports development for the country, as well as a positive impact to the economy, infrastructure and worldwide reputation. We hope that everyone enjoyed our hospitality

However we can observe some other positive impacts that were missed by everyone. People, who had come for the games to participate and watch, found new friends in Azerbaijan. In our case some Albanian air sport athletes met with Azerbaijan colleagues and we had some wonderful flights together and a new strong friendship has developed with the bright future.

RockStone (FAIREX) club leader Alex Zak said: “We are proud to host colleagues from Balkan Peninsula at our flying events. Many local pilots and I hope the Albanian pilots take away a positive impression of the joint actions we are doing here. I am looking forward to meet them again here, or somewhere else in our big paragliding world and for sure at 2017 World Accuracy Competition in Albania”

That’s right! Albania is going to be a home for 9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship (VLORA 2017) and moreover, Azerbaijan pilots have an invitation to take part in the competition.

Accuracy Landing is a test for pilots that determines their ability in wing, anticipation and body control. As well as the understanding of weather and wind behavior. Actually all pilots have to land as close as possible to a set target. One can understand the difficulty they will have in a new unknown flying zone with a strong competition environment.

Natavan Mansurova (Rockstone - FAIREX), Paragliding Pilot, Female winner of the 1st Azerbaijan Accuracy Completion said: “I was selected to participate in a Georgian flying event which took place at Tbilisi Sea in 2014. As First Azerbaijan female pilot I remember how anxious I was and how I felt as the competition drew near. But all my worries flew away quicker than any wing can. The friendly environment, helpful local pilots, clear pre-flight instructions turned me back into an air addicted person. I am sure that in Albania, we are going to have similar support, as everywhere else in real sport environment”

As of the begging of this year we have 3 paragliding clubs in Azerbaijan and about 20 pilots with various experience levels. 8 of them have passed exams and have internationally recognized FAI Pilot Licenses. Hopefully by 2017 the number of licensed pilots is much bigger so that we can have a stronger selection for Albania.

Ziya Qasimov (Gilavar - FAIREX), Paragliding Pilot and Male winner of the 1st Azerbaijan Accuracy Completion said: “Yes, Albania is the target, but we should not loose time and use it effectively. Training, participating in other events, exploring new areas and a thousand times more practicing!”

One of the most famous places for a paraglider pilot to fly and learn is located not far from Azerbaijan – Uludeniz (Turkey). The location has wonderful wind conditions, the sea for good views and safety while training. The high altitude start gives you a great experience.
Uludeniz is an experience never to be missed!

This year our pilots are planning to visit the site and the 16th Air Games to be held there. More knowledge, skills, experience and for sure more great friends. This trip will be supported by Azerbaijan Air and Extreme Sport Federation (FAIREX)

Jamal Kashkay (Jawatha - Saudi Aviation Club) Paragliding Pilot, winner of the 2nd Azerbaijan Accuracy Completion said: “Diversity in the flying experience is about learning from different pilots, flying within various environments, outside of your comfort zone. Then later to compare the skills and achievements with the ones you started with. I am on my way to making a new achievement in my life. I am going to participate in a Saudi Arabian competition. Absolutely different environment compare to those I was flying in Azerbaijan. But I don’t think of downsides, I am thinking about the success.”

Another big event, with a promising fabulous air show scheduled in December 2015 is to be held in Dubai. These Air Games are like the Olympic Games for paragliding and take place every four years. This year our air sport athletes are not skilled enough to participate, but we are more than sure, our flag will be at these games next time! But to be known and participate our pilots should achieve a good rating. That we can do on the various categorized competitions, like the planned Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Albania and other similar events.

Alket Islami, Paragliding Pilot from Albania said:
“I , as the general director of Albania Open, was very happy to meet members of the same family in Azerbaijan. In the name of the Albanian Air Sports Federation and in the name of the Albania Open, have invited the Azerbaijan FAIREX Team to be part of our activities in 2016 and onwards. We believe that the cooperation between the two federations should continue with both teams taking part in each country's activities. Great Hospitality is a common feature of the Albania and Azerbaijan people”

Let this new found friendship between the Azerbaijan and Albanian pilots be warming and have a positive effect for all those that like to fly.