The project LIMO launched back in 2013 and announced at Mountaineering Protection Conference in Baku

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Every time we or any of our members participate in mountain climbing, tracking or camping in natural preserved areas we state the aim to return back with more garbage than produced by our activity. That means we are not only leave the route and place of camping free of any garbage but take some previously left by someone or found on the route garbage with us.

We also plan our route deliberately through the places of potential clean up required areas, zones with of ecosystem that most impacted by garbage, places where garbage deposits stay due to landscape, like  floodplains, levees, point bars, gutters, etc.

This year two summit climbing groups were able to bit a record by collecting over 14 kg of various urban garbage taken from Babadag Mountain route.

Babadag in Azerbaijan is known as holly peak. Every year in summer time hundreds of pilgrims are visiting the summit and passing through the usual route. Not all of them, unfortunately, are using garbage collectors. The garbage that not naturally utilized, usually plastic, remains on route or trapped by river turns.

LIMO participants this year did the best to abolish these deposits.

Another good story of involving Georgian climbers in Svanetia by RockStone member who joined the Shkhara summit expedition.

This is the first example of spreading the project ideology outside of our country.

As more we lead by example and educate people as more we get our nature cleaner.